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Hello guys ! :razz:
1. Can I get any 20” LED monitor with full HD res?

2. What is the difference between 19*10 res in 20” LED and
19*10 res in 22” LED monitor.

3. Isn’t 22” is biggy ?

Purpose : HD gaming
Reason : I can’t afford GPU except 6850 :?. if I get 22” I think I have to lower the res in upcoming heavy games so why not I should go for 20” it is cheaper and less space taker.


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Whats your total budget for monitor? a 20 inch monitor running at Hd will consume same graphic processing power as a 22 inch.
Also please post your full PC configuration.


keen to learn..
^^ Budget is 9k. I dont have a PC yet.
Total budget for gaming rig 40-42k.

if i game on 1600*900 i will need GPU @ 7k.
If i game on 1920*1080 i need GPU >10k even 13k.

I want to know the pleasure/performance difference on both.


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if possible get a Sapphire HD6950 2GB @Rs.140000
and a Benq G2220 HD @Rs.7000

The monitor in 21.5 inch. and LCD. These will be best for you :)
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