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hi there

as per u peoples last suggestion i was very happy to get assembeld my AMD rig and hey it was a rig eventhough i didnt spend much ... now back to square one

i was a bit off the net and off mag for long time so i dont knw what is going on in the tech field

so here i am requesting you guys to send me a config again for a new pc .. old one is with my bro

my needs (basic)
Any pentium processor but nothing lesser than 3.0 Ghz (NO AMD AS THERE IS NO DEALER NEARBY)
atlest 4 USB Ports
15 inchd monitor
80 GB HDD ( IDE) pref ( unless its in budget)
Good MOB to atlest support a nice 2.1 ( eeh basic again)
NO agp needed
rest basics (kB. Mouse. ect )

usage to be used in my mobile reparing shop
BUGET 17000 to 20000

plz help i am planning to assist my friends to put up shop b4 23 rd july so its urgent

all users are invited on shop's inaguration



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If i am not mistaken P4 3 ghz with HT you will require the i910 chipset and not the i845 chipset.
The 3Ghz cpu + MOBO will be significantly overprised as compared to the
P4 2.6/2.8 ghz + i845gvsr board combination.
Think if you really need the new generation p4 system according to your needs.
The price difference between the 15" and the 17" monitor would be hardly 700 to 1K.
Monitor is one thing that you wont be upgrading for some time.
About the hdd the current rates here in mumbai are
approximately some Rs 2.5 - 2.8 K


Booting Nicotine!!

but dude i think i need some more juice now into pc my budget inflated to 25000 so any more suggestion and helps ??


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dude go for

p 4 2.66Ghz+915 chipset mob - 10000
512 ram - 2900
80 gb sata - 2900
cd rw (sony) - 1450
cabinet plus 350W PS - 2500
15 CRT Samsung - 4650
kby+ mouse -700

total around 25K
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