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I have two internet connections (LAN and Wireless CDMA USB card). I want to connect to both connection on a single winXP Computer and allocate the connection from CDMA USB Card to the download accelerator only and LAN to other applications.



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I'd like to create a thread all about graphics tutorial.
Will you allow me to make one to help beginners.. :)


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Re: -={ Request for Tutorials here .. }=-Windows xp on Apple macbook

i need a tutorial on how to install Windows Xp on apple Macbook(A1181)

thanks in advance

addy smart

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Hi, can you help me dost..actually i am new here.. so, want too know the details of this web site..
1 what is prupose
2 where we post our prob.
and more plz tel me the deatils...


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hello!,i want to learn about setting up a vnc server...........plz tell me all the steps involved in creating a vnc server,also how can i get a server for free and other reuqirements like software needed........
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