Removing Visited site names in IE

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hello members,
I want to remove all the website names that i recently visited in IE..
how can i do that..?
i tried removing entire history also all cookies.. but its of no use..
when i type a part of the site names.. entire sitename will appear.. below the
address bar..
Can anyone solve this..?


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Did you clear the history properly? I mean it should all be erased when you do that. Try doing that again and see ?


yaar u dont have to install any software to clean ur history

QwertyManiac is right, u shud clear ur history properly ,it must solve ur problem.

BTW y do u wanna do that :)) :)) :))

Vishal Gupta

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In regedit, goto:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TypedURLs

And in right-side pane, u can delete the URLs u want :D


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@Nithinks, There is an option called 'Clear History' in IE. That will do the job for you.


Yes clear history will be enough. Also set the "Number of days to keep pages in History" to 1, just in case you forget to clear everyday.
Also, IE is not exactly the best browser to use to visit "sites." :p


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Just use Opera. You can remove all history/private settings with one click.
and then forget all hostory-cleaneres/cclean.

and to visit certain 'sites', try Opera portable - This will automatically wipe every setting, when you close the browser, so not trace of your surfing will be left behind.


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i uninstalled NOrton..but i realy liked one of its feature..the cleaner which wud free out space on drives... can u guys recommend any software dat does the same.. is ccleaner my choice?????


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ccleaner is freeware and fast and effective.
others i rate high are ace utilities, tune-up, system mechanic, anti-tracks.
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