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Remove Multiple Boot

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Broken In
Hey guys, i am in a fix.
I was just experimenting with the boot screen(changing) option of style XP. However, when i restarted my system i found multiple boot option for the same xp operating system. i tried unloading and uninstalling style xp but still no luck.
I hv 80GB hard disk, with 2 partions. Win XP is the only operating system and is installed in C drive.i am getting two options by the same name and both are working and giving the same result. However, due to the boot up option the xp is taking more time to load.
Help me get rid of this....please


In the zone
Very Simple.

Goto Start>Run.
Type msconfig, Click OK.

You would get the "System Configuration Utility" Window.
goto BOOT.INI tab.
Click "Check All Boot Paths" and it would give you an option saying " One of the paths listed is invalid, Do you want to remove it?
Say Yes and you are done.

Save the changes by clicking Apply and ok. and then Restart.
You are done.See the Image
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