Reading IE favorites from Javascript



I have a requirement that a javascript should pull out the favorites from the users IE and
another script when used should be able to save all the bookmarks in to another IE.

First of all, is this possible? If yes, how?

Ok, I just found that such a thing is not possible as it would be a big security risk if some script is able to access your favorites list.

I have another requirement now.
Our client has a portal with multiple sub sites. A visitor, on one click, should be able to add all of the sub sites to his IE favorites. For this I have written something like this -

var favList = ["","",""];

function addFavs()
var fav;
for(x=0; x<=favList.length; x++)
{	fav= favList[x].split("&&");

But when I execute this, I get a "Permission Denied" error in IE status bar.
Can anyone help here please..
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