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I have been told by my Broadband supplier(BSNL) that at my end I should be ready with Ethernet card. Can someone tell me how to carry out a physical check for it, if my mother board(ASUS P4GE-MX) has it or not ? And if I have to get it, which make is best to get and at what price ?
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Check the back of the computer for a jack that looks like a phone jack but slightly larger. That is an rj-45 receptacle thingy. That confirms the presence of lan card (built-in or otherwise).

But ur mobo don't seem to have one. Buy a dlink lan card. That shud be gud enuf.


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on the back side of your cabinet, look for a port like

this is an Ethernet port. it's slightly bigger than the ordinary telephone ports.

another way, go to system properties, then device manager.. look for an entry "network adapters".


Thankyou all for your inputs..

1. I did find a Telephone type port at the back. There was no way to find out if it was a RJ-45
2. Then I did the the system check and found that Network Adaptors had a Fast Ethernet Adaptor

Thanks all
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