Radeon 9600 Pro Vs. Fx 5600

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Broken In
I need help between choosing these cards.
Radeon 9600 Pro:
Tot. Mem - 128 MB DDR
Core/Mem speed- 400/300
Manf. Process - 0.15

FX 5600 :
Tot. Mem - 256 MB DDR
Core/Mem speed - 270/ 500
Manf. Ptocess - 0.13

Both of these come around same price
the i think 9600 pro gives better performance but fx 9600 gives 256 Mb
Please help :?:


Wise Old Owl
For what prices are you getting these.Going for radeon 9800pro or fx 5900 sounds better.

Radeon 9600 is preferred over fx 5600ultra.
For such cards ,no point having 256mb vram


Cyborg Agent
The 5600 is a no go dude. Go for the 9600pro. No point of investing in the extra 128Mb cuz it's won't be utilised much if you tend to play games @ 1024 or 1280 res. 256 Mb of Vram might be good if you hav that much amt of processing power available. however Doom 3 might benefit from the 256 Mb.Still thats not reason enough to go for the 5600.


Broken In
A shader intensive water demo that I cooked up runs like this :-

On my Radeon 9600 Pro:
1280x1024 4xFSAA, 16xAF - 52.0 - 57.0 fps

On my buddy's FX 5600:
1280x1024 4xFSAA, no-AF - 12.0 - 16.0 fps

That should help you make your decision. BTW, the 9600 Pro also uses 0.13 micron technology.
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