R.I.P The Offtopic thread

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Reasons for having/reopening offtopic thread:

Again to the authorities,
The posts in this thread do not help anyone but the OP
The posts are not meant to be found
The posts in this thread certainly do not deserve a new thread.
This is getaway for many of us to hide our voice in crowd (at times that is also required)

This locking won't work the way you want. It was tried before. It would do only one thing i.e. less posts in chit-chat. And don't even expect a new thread coming up in the same rate a new 'offtopic post' used to come up in that thread.

I would like to create new threads with new content with all the new things in life but after a days work doesn't feel motivated enough to do that. The hardest part is not about creating the thread but maintaining it afterward.

Instea, I post in offtopic something completely offtopic as a diversion from routine. If not that thread then I move on to other websites like youtube, bandcamp etc for a short respite.

Rules of the offtopic thread which were broken so the thread got locked :(

In simple (and TDF) terms this thread is where you litter and loiter.
Rather telling what you can post in this thread I'm mentioning what you can't do....(in a bit bigger font)

Do not post queries/posts related to anything that has a dedicated section in TDF
Do not post PJ's here
Do not post MEMEs
Do not post photos
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:sad: RIP. :cry:


Don't worry it might get unlocked after a while. When dharma gets restored.
Not open for further replies.
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