[Query]Ext. HDD- which removal policy better?


Dear All,

I have my 3 TB Seagate ext. hdd. permanently connected to my machine via USB 3.0 port. I use it mostly to store my downloaded files and install games.
My query is- if i opt for the 'better performance' option under the removal policy section (pls see image), will there be a significant performance boost?
Also after enabling that, for the 'write-caching policy' section, shall i enable both the options? I think as long as I have a UPS connected, i am fine in an instance of power outage. Please confirm.




catching is always better - consistent reading, writing & also probably less strenuous on hdd.


ok, that means i should opt for the 'better performance' option under the removal policy section in order to enable write caching. Thanks a lot for your response guys.

Pratik Pawar

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I feel avoiding data loss is more imp than bettering Performance. even if U have UPS.
what if someday UPS itself fails? I too have a UPS & a 1 tb ext HDD permanently connected.
I have kept on the quick removal option.
U might not experience much difference in performance..
the quick removal option is esp. beneficial in cases when accidentally the cabinet gets hit,
and strong chances of usb connection getting dislodged :p
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