PUK code?? Urgent

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My Sim card is blocked.. It is asking for PUK code .. PLz help.. My Phone model is Nolia 6610i. Hutch subscriber..


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Call ur hutch customer care. Only they will be able to answer you. You'll need ur sim card no (not mobile no), so keep it ready.


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contacted Hutch CC and got the PIN code as well as PUK code. Now is this PIN code and PUK code permanent ?? If so , how to change the PUK and PIN no..

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Afaik, u can change the PIN and PIN2 Codes from ur mobile sets!

In Nokia u can change these codes from Menu -> Settings -> Security Settings -> Access Codes


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The PIN code can be changed from within the mobile, but AFAIK, PUK code can't be changed.


u dont need PUK code ever except when ur phone gets locked........the phone gets locked if u enter the Pin no. wrong 3 times. then it asks for the PUK code which if u put wrong 10 times, ur sim will get blocked permanantly, then u will have to buy a new sim, u will get the same phone number but u will lose all the data on the sim.....

BTW PUK code depends on ur sim, even if u get ur sim replaced, just casually , the PUK code will change. each sim has a puk code, which itself never changes. so if ur phone gets locked again u can punch in the same puk no. once again to unlock it.
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