PSU problem?

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I'd bought a computer sometime back and have added a Palit 9600 Standard (NOT Sonic) to it. Now while my computer runs just fine and I don’t have any stability problems, I kind of think I do have an underpowered PC.I have a generic PSU (an Odyssey 450 jus in case you're curious.) that is a bit weird. it reads about 14A on the 12v rail which seems absurd as even the other "sasta" brands like Intex etc have at least 17v.I checked my BIOS for the 12v rating and it read about 11.414-11.51V,which is just about in the acceptable range. But, this is without much of a graphics load at all. Also, i don’t have access to too many PSUs above 450w and they're pretty expensive. My rig's specs are as follows

C2D 6750 stock cooler
MSI P35 Neo
2 gigs DDRII 800MHz
Hitachi 250GB SATA II
Sony DRU170 DVD Burner
Palit 9600

My dealer has agreed to get me an Odyssey 500w for about 1k.Is this worth the switch? And do i need to get a new power supply? i currently have no overclocking done on it but might in the future. Also i’ve played no demanding games on it yet. Please help me out as I’ve to give an answer to my dealer

On ordinary XP with a few programs and IE pages open the MSI Utility shows me about these voltages

12V - 11.53-11.44 (this is basically all i'm bothered with)
3.3V - 3.36
5v - 5.5v
VCore 1.37V

My system reports a temp of about 40 C, CPU 44 C and GPU 49 C at about no load at all (the above mentioned i.e)



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If u are under tight budget consider a Zebronics 500W platinum for 1.6k. It has 22A on 12v rail.
BTW ur current one might have dual 12v rail with 14A. Chech that
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