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PS2 slim with 20 Games

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PS2 Slim console with 20 games(not original) , 1 Controller, 8MB memory card
(Reason for selling , getting an Xbox 360 :D)

Console Model number : SCPH-75004

[3 months old]

Price : Rs.5000 [Non-negotiable]
Shipping charges : Rs.100

Place : Chennai

Contact : vinodh_89@yahoo.com or PM Me
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gt it.....

If it worked like last time we im'ed..then give me a buzz....

but before end of this month please...
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i m intrested in God of war 2 game if it is Original . i can exchange for my Cloned Disc and some money .
please state where you stay and what are the 20 games. Are they original ? If not all, which are original and which are not ?

OK, I saw that its pirated. I think pirated games are illegal to sell in this forum.

Also, is your PS2 with or without warranty ? Do you have the bill ?


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^That's because the original God of War II DVD is a Dual Layer DVD9 whereas the cloned one is a single DVD copy.Most the the extra content in the cloned copy is missing after you finish the game & unlock the bonus content.I repented getting the *ahem* copy as the legit version of this game is totally worth it.
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