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prospects of sale of usa made electronics


Hi.my bro is planning to return to india with a sony vaio latest laptop and a 16 gb i pad.what are the sale prospects of such equipment here in india


very few ppl want them unless you have confirmed international warranty for any product, however in case of Sony, they dont honor international warranty here in India.


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^^ ofcourse you can get international warranty from india.. before extending they ask whether you want international warranty or national.. there are different charges for both..
i purchased a new laptop and wanted to extend d warranty so they asked me this.. i said national and paid according to that..


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Now a days it has really good prospects of such equipment here in India as corporate are selling either outdated products in India or its price is very high here. see ipad I launched just two months back in Indian Apple stores and in USA its ipad II.
andy_65_in DEAR Sandy will go with ur products.
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