Programmers of Digit Mag Readers... How did you get into coding ?

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Im a Computer Science Student currently in my 3rd Year . What made you not to give up on coding / what mentality did you adopt while trying to learn ?
I cant really sit and learn coding for some reason . Im good at problem solving skills , but starting is always the hardest part for me in everything .
Your story might be really helpful to learn coding . Thanks :)


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Its not always about coding IMO. Find out if you like problem solving, "by coding". Which programming languages you like? You want to work as a Software engineer(SWE)?
And then start working towards the goal.

Not everyone likes to read 800 pages of book and then still find it interesting. Sometimes you need to play by yourself to get interest. Try a small calculator, then may be a billing app and add a employee login and report generation into that to complete the end to end software!
Or if you like frontend languages then Just create your own webpage, not for namesake but how you can at the best of your ability. Flipkart website looks bad, if you were the designer, what would you change.
To do all this "nicely", you obviously have to grind, A LOT. But if you don't give up, you might find the end product very satisfactory. If you dont find it satisfactory enough, or got bored then look at other options you get as a SWE. But start today, not later. Also, find a group with similar interest otherwise doing things alone might become boring very soon.
Talking and discussing to persons who are better than you in this will always push you to be better, if you are interested.

As for my interest, I had a good teacher in my school days and who taught in such a way that I developed my interest. If I had similar teacher in Maths or Physics, I would not have learned coding ever. So this was completely by chance.
What is making me not give up on this today? This is how I earn my bread and butter so that is one motivating factor :lol:
Same reason to learn new things, so that I can switch to a better company with better pay to fulfill my other aspects of life.

If you are stuck somewhere, you can ask for help in Programming


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My interest in programming developed out of my love for computers and gaming. Until 6th class I wanted to become a scientist, but after I learned BASIC using some Rapidex books during the vacations, I changed my mind and wanted to become a programmer.

Now, I have 9+ years in IT working as a developer in Java and related technologies and as a technical lead.
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