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Price hike again!!!

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LOL politicians know only one thing....either oppose or propose:lol:

every ruling party will come with a proposal/idea and opposition will oppose it..Nothing new actually
My only point is...charge International prices...but bloody reduce taxes..this way we will still end up paying less.. and there is no point comparing BJP or Congress here.. at least during BJP's tenure none of us were buying sugar for 40rs a KG and Pulse for 100 a KG..lol..and people wont give up using their own vehicle until public transport is really really good. I am not idealist..I am a practical guy, and I will anyday prefer taking out my bike than waiting for cramped slow buses in hot summer..I mentioned bike cuz I dont have a car..lol :p
its time (rather late) to mix ethanol in petrol and diesel to fit pocket of the mango ppl. Mr Pranab mukherjee and team has been reportedly doin something in this regard but noting came out in 3 months. see - Ethanol-blended petrol: GoM to look into issues: Rediff.com Business . it has got some disadvantages - higher ethanol concentration damages rubber parts (hoses, seals etc) and if spilled while filling.. even the body paint of cars. but by the use of FFV (flexible fuel vehicles)(costly affair though) which are resistant to any kind of damage due to ethanol, this can be achieved and emissions will also reduce ! i think 10-25 % can be mixed w/o any significant problems faced !!


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A single day stirke means crores of losses which in turn gets added to the economy loss of the whole country and thus increasing the inflation further.


The prices are pretty much the same in developing countries such as ours without many reserves. US and Europe have invested a lot in many other countries and run may oil mills in the gulf and such. Low prices for them shouldnt be a surprise.

rs.20/litre of petrol (after conversion) in gulf. Its stupid to compare the prices since they have a well right in their backyard.

Cant remove taxes on fuel. If tax is abandoned it should be on food supplies and healthcare. Not rich mans fuel. And diesel used for transport is already subsidised. Its sucks how diesel affects inflation.

Its sucks paying so much for fuel but that is not the biggest problem facing our country.
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