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tuxfan said:
:D No man, not that, but I will give you names of at least 2 more people whom you can rely upon and they are reseller of directi. Here you go.

You already know Deep. He is one. Then there is one more fella from Kolkatta - Aloke. I think his name here is firewall. He is now a friend. Even he is reliable and is a reseller of directi. Just because a few are bad, doesn't mean all are bad. Even on its own right, DirectI should find a mention at least for .in domains! The rest all for .in suck big time.

Nobody said about resellers being bad - I know that there are good ones - but the proverbial burned child shies from fire, doesn't he?


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mihirvashist said:
i'm very sorry to see the cover page,
you see, i'm just 15 and my parents are not that open minded,
i know how awkward it would holding the magzine with a cover like that.
you should include the content which is suitable for children of all ages
considering all this i might not buy it at all
and if this continues i might have to discontinue reading DIGIT

I completely agree with you. I am myself only 14. It was an awkward sitution when I recieved the mag. with the three letters written in the largest font size. I fell you tried to sell your mag by showing the three letters outside. If i were a newsstand reader I would certainly have not bought it.

blackpearl said:
The cover story is very well written; I think every parent should read that. But I think there could have been better ways to promote it on the cover page. Are you trying to lure the parents or the kids into buying this issue?

I completely agree. Digit tried just to lure childrena nd parents.
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Mangal Pandey

no digit this month. what are those people handling the logistics doing man?
everytime i call them they give the lame reply that due to heavy downpour in mumbai, circulation has started late. i got a mail on 8th july that me copy has been dispatched but its 16 of this month. but no mag. where should i complain to wake up this Kumbhakaranas.


ok well the articles are pretty good, the cd/DVD sucks.....and the cover page.......OMG............my mom never even touches digit mag(Even when i have to show her the latest gadget) but after seeing that she actually read the article................BOOOO Digit........

i agree that the word "SEX" shud not be Taboo...but cmon guys ur mag is brought by 12-13 year olds.......and they have real parents and most of them are narrowminded.

i give digit -9 out of +10 for this issue.


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Well Fasttrack was useless :( Everything was too brief. Softwares needs improvement. Well the rest was OK. The topic about porn was perfectly handled. WHo is this Agent 001 really?

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I'll give the mag 3/10
1 star extra because i read it from Library for free
+ one star for porn ISSUE
+one Star the DVD (i used it to play as Flying Disk widmy cousin)
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LOL,everytime you guys make an article about porn,you actually endup "educating" kids about how to access porn

Example: Page 42 has a pic with the URL linking to :
Now every kid in India[who doesnt know how to use Google] will know where to find da chicks !

Seriously,there is no point in discussing "anti-porn" software...its upto the parents.They should educate the children about whats good and whats not for their age.....you guys are just trying to catch "attention" with **** like that on the cover....makes me feel ashamed of being a Digit fan

The good part,is the DVD.Thx for providing the DXSDK and the old movies.

I'd give you guys a 2 out of 10
One point for the DVD..
the other for the URL on page 42(yay!)

And oh,btw,thanks for sending the mag on the 15th itself...phew.....I got my last month's issue on the 28th....hahaha....big improvement,eh ?
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