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Sigh... received the mag yesterday... unfortunately, NONE of the DVDs work.
Mailed to help@jasubhai.com about it but no response yet. BTW, did any one notice that the Customer Service -> Report missing, damaged issues on the website is totally useless... all it does is ask user for his new address.


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Thanks DIGIT...
but i thing do i need to have QUAKE !!! installed to play Trepidation??

And Plzzz Digit We Subscribers Are Yet To Recieve Our Mag...for Heavens Sake Plzz Spped Up Your Delivery!!
I Wish U

"god Speed"
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Right off the assembly line

i am fed up
i recieve digit after 15th of almost every month
even my counterparts in south recieve it b4 me

digit, do something abut this

btw- i haven't recieved this months copy as yet


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;) ;) THANKS DIGIT;) ;)

Got The Mag Today!!!!!!!!!
:p :p :p :p :p

All the DVD"S are working....;) ;)

But One Qns....How Did digt made the DVD's work just like and OS?


It has been quite some time since I got my copy of Digit in the first week of the month. What is team Digit doing about it? Almost every month I get a mail saying it will get delayed. You cant have unexpected problems every month, its just a habit that team Digit has caught and I don't see any hope it'll get corrected. This month's special Digit copy not received. It doesn't take more than a week for a courier to deliver any parsel from Mumbai to Indore.

Great going team DIGIT.
Got my copy yesterday!!! :) Awesome work guys! The DVDs are great, i wont say that much of the content was useful for me straightaway, but its good to have that great amount of software that i'll use eventually. Special thanks for the Windows Sever 2008 RC and Search Server Express. I wanted to test drive them for a long time but couldnt do so because of my slow connection. And Many many thanks for Ubuntu and Full Coverage of The Scene( i like it very much :-D ). The wallpapers are also awesome, specially the Vista and the widescreen ones :). I liked entertainment and ubuntu dvd very much.

Magazines are a bit low on contents and have quiet good mount of fat (ads :) ), but whatever is given, its of good quality and the overall feel of the magazine is good. Kudos for this one Guys!!! :) :)


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Is The Ubuntu Dvd Digit Is Providing In This Issue Has All The Applications Supported By Ubuntu Community , I Mean That All Available Applications
And All Third Party Applications With Officially Supported (the One With Ubuntu Logo)
This Means Complete Repository Set From Packages.ubuntu.com That Is Really Great
^ I dont think so. The Whole repository is quiet huge in size and it wont be feasible for Digit to carry it on DVD,even in future. The ubuntu package that Digit has given this month is the standard DVD iso available at Ubuntu website, which by the way, contains what most user will ever need. Of course only the open source stuff, not the proprietary codecs and all.


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MAn 2 of my DVD's personla tech & gaming not working...
1st of all i paid 200 bucks:mad: & now thw dvd's dont work & why did u'll skip on the fast track...
I want my DVD's ..r u listenin team digit?????


Great job on this month. I particularly liked the fact that you provided archives of every single digit eva! [if i'm not wrong]


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I really liked the Archive which even includes all the Fast Tracks..great!!! Though the DVD contents otherwise is not good enough...pretty average. Magazines also contains too much of advertisements.
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