[Preview] Digit Magazine - March 2005

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Celeb Geek
Adnan Sami on what tech means to him

Made in India: The Handheld Of Tomorrow

Internet Explorer vulnerabilities—yet again!

‘Pharming’ is, of course, next-gen Phishing. Here’s how they do it

Digital Passion

The Attack Of The Mobile Gamers
The statistics are all telling us that mobile gaming will really take off very soon. We track the people who make it happen

Jewellery For Your Phone
You’ve got that coveted cell. Here’s looking at the accessories that will add both functionality and flash value to it

Enter The Matrix
Imagine computing anywhere, any time, and getting a bill at the end of the month for how much you compute

Take a Crack
You could win if you can get Windows to display your company logo before the XP login screen

‘How Do I Get There?’
Here’s about India’s own Mapquest-like site—and the brains behind it is just a 19-year-old

30 Days With...
Our reviewer gets his hands on the Nokia 9500 Communicator and comes away suitably impressed

Geek Dreams
Here’s taking a look at the luscious
Nokia 7710

Digital Tools

Blog On The Go
There happens to be only one Indian mobile blogging site. Can one make money off the idea?

Bring It Home
Ever wondered how DTH—Direct-to-home—works? Here’s an introduction to the technology, and an explanation of how it works

Tech Nightmares
A look at how you get around the most common Microsoft PowerPoint blues

New & Notable
A look at the most eye-catching products of the month, including MSI’s portable player, the Mac mini, and the iPod Shuffle

Keeping (AC)Count
It’s tax season again! We test the top eight accounting/tax software available

Agent 001
Your beloved Agent 001 gets back to the basics—and hunts for keyboards and mice

Digital Business

No-Strings-Attached Hospitality
Wouldn’t it be nice if every hotel and airport were Wi-Fi-enabled? One hotel in Hyderabad is catering to customer demand for Wi-Fi access and is truly making waves

MFDs vs Standalone Devices
Which is better—deploying MFDs or
continuing to use standalone devices? Read on as the battle continues...

Anywhere You Roam
What’s the best way to take your data with you all the time? We examine laptops and PDA-phones

Playing It Safe
We said it before, and we’ll say it again: back up, back up, back up. You might find something here to help you decide upon a backup plan

Is SMS Marketing Effective?
Would you rather call it SMS marketing or SMS spam? Does the medium work? We try and find out

Digital Leisure

And Then, There Was Light
Computer education is an important part of the training imparted at the Helen Keller Institute for the Deaf and Deafblind

Too Dumb For A Smartphone
Is your phone smarter than you? Are you ‘upgrading’ only because of peer pressure? Is this your story?

Tech Critique
Two game reviews: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 and The Great Escape


A tasteless invention that lets you talk to the dead

A Microsoft employee’s reaction to Firefox’s growing popularity—read about it in BlogWatch


Fast Track
“Your Handy Guide To Everyday Technology”
Every month for the next year, Digit will provide you with a book made specifically to suit your needs. Every month the Fast Track book will cover one topic extensively (in about 200 pages), and tell you all you need to know about that particular subject.
This month: Digital Photography


Incredibly Useful Sites
Gender Benders
Net Gain: Gizmodo.com
Tips & Tricks
Old Way Tech Way: Recharging your prepaid SIM card
Tech Quiz
Bluff Your Way Through
Tabloid Tech


In the zone
a 200 page book is free with digit???????
r u really serious?? r u going to change the cover prize soon??


In the zone
Subscribe Elumalai! It'll at least save you the trouble of going to the news stand and paying a higher price. And Raabo lemme tell you this is the 3rd or 4th time Agent 001 will hunt for a keyboard/mouse!


Good Topics...But Don't U increase the Price!!!!

BTW the KEyboard/Mice include cordless ones also??? And what's with the Accounting S/w?? Did'nt u review it last month???


In the zone
And what's with The Great Escape and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004? Those were reviewed ages ago in SKOAR! :?

Enter the Matrix sounds interesting. I think the concept was given some space in the mag a coupla months back. So I hope this time around the article comes with a fresh perspective.

And BTW a 200 pg booklet (if it may be called that ;)) sounds gr8! :D Waiting desperately to see what it looks like. :)

BTW have the copies been dispatched already?


Another Brick in the Wall
Hmm..., atleast the content of mag seems promising than the DVD content...and i am looking forward to the 200 page booklet...
And the jewellery thing for mobs might be a good read..., looking for the issue :)


Old wine in new bottle - laptop, pda, mobiles, MFDs, and ofcourse gadgets !
DVD is better.

And About that digital photgraphy, dont expect anything great. Most probably it will be a fully sponsored book by Nikon.


Where's the feedback thread for March issue raaabo?

I must say this issue is a great value for money. The book on Digital Photography is a great value addition. Contents is good, although paper quality is not great. It must not have been economically viable. But hats off to Digit team for making it possible. :) I haven't been able to go through the mag contents though.


Please Please

Please i again request to digit people to add column for webdesigners seperatly as we need to be in touch of all others.
I hope u will not delete my request from ur hard drive(i mean ur brain)


dont know why but this month,, the mag reached earlier than usual.
i am still waiting for the feedback thread
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