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power surge shuts laptop..now it wont start...is it the adaptor?

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i have a dell vostro 1000. it was in real good condition. but today... while i was browsing the net on it... i heard a faint "tack" sound and the laptop immediately shut down. it was connectecd to the wall outlet thru the AC adaptor. then i try to run it on batteries...it wont start up...nothing happens...

the ac adaptor seems to be working fine coz i see the small green pilot light on it...but when i connect that AC adaptor to the laptop, the pilot light on the adaptor goes off and even now the comp wont start up... it just seems so dead..im really worried..pls shed somelight on what has happened..


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Dont try to switch on the lappy again, its short circuit thats why green pilot light is going off.Some component hav failed and its causing the short.
Take it to the service center
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