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what issues are you getting and what area?
I am currently in Chennai and service specifically in my area isn't good anymore. I am facing frequent internet outage and its quite random. Biggest issue came when there was a cyclone a month back and internet was out for 6 days. I understand that no one can do anything in these kind of situations but apparently Airtel broadband services were resumed on Day 2. So it seems Airtel has better service in the area currently I am staying.


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Why are these guys going backwards? I was just thinking to change from ACT to Airtel. Sigh
Airtel currently has severe packet loss due to overselling of connections via LCO. I'm not getting promised upload speeds for a month and customer service won't fix it even if you complain

This is the current speed I'm getting for the 200 mbps plan


If that is the case, your connections within India should not have any issue IMO. Also the Airtel backbone should be the same. I am getting 411 MBPS in a 200 MBPS link. I just tested it on my phone for Airtel in Whitefield.


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