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gooby pls
Hey guys post your pictures taken by your cellphone here.And dont forget to mention the cellphone model.

My cellphone is SE W810i.

[Edit:Techno Funky - Making this a sticky ,please post pictures responsibly]
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Phone SE K750i, the pics are taken from various places in Lucknow. They are color corrected & noise reduced via photoshop

Chndrika Devi Temple entrance

A marrige ceremony

Ambedkar park

Eastend Mall Inside

Tunday Kabab :)drooling)



You guys r lucky to have such gr8 cams.

Mine : A crappy VGA cam :( of NOKIA 6070 , these are among the best shots it can take, did not edit anything.


Can anyone please tell me how to post thumbnails only . I want to show more pics.


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this is an image i took wen i was in hyderabd using my good old rough n tough 6600 ... i call it:

the anonymous indian ... sab sahey chalta rahey

another 1:

one more:


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Taken on my W800i, had a little scratch on the lens... but the results r kool as usual..


All unadulterated... non-edited...
Check out properties after downloading... One way of finding out the camera model & other properties :wink:
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gx_saurav said:
@ sting,

coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool Merc. which model is it?

ya that is mclaren SLR it cost here arround 2.6M AED and the most expensive car in the UAE

Check this Out


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W800i again

Can u believe that I took these pics on a phone?!?!?!
Not until it is a SE phone.. and it's W800i.
I can't stop talkin about the quality... it exceeded the quality i xpected of a mobile phone camera...
To the xtent that I stopped using my 4 megapix Sony camera I bought a year & half back!!!


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wow. really, W800i produces unbelievably great results. can you tell me please how much it costs now?
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@sting dude, it would be so great if u had taken the Yellow Ferrari (parked opposite to the Toyota Landcruiser), or the one Parked inside (F430) :D


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err.. Tapomay.. bad news... No W800i first-hand showroom sales now... to facilitate W700i & W810i sales... but I think W810i too'll produce similar results. And yes... the father, where the 2megapix supercams starts.. K750i. They say that K750i, W800i, W810i all have same cams... but I felt my pics were better than K750i... a feelin.. though.
Check out the clarity with ur friends.. then buy...
Ur best bet.. W810i, next (maane.. lower price) is K750i. The former's in the range of 15k now. Worth buyin.. esp with the mini-speakers they come with now.
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