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The Vagrant Seeker
Well most of the important stuff I do keep them in the DVD Bag. I have the cover stuff only for not so important thing. However off late I don't find a decent DVD Bag around. Most of the ones available are not that great. They may look fancy from out but inside they aren't great. You know of any good online store which has good collection of these?
Verbatim is more like 50/50. One DVD went through fine and the other had a problem which may not necessarily be the DVD fault maybe the OS had some problem. But going on I will go for the National ones.

try writing those verbatim DVDs (if you have any left now) at slower speeds.

about the DVD bags, i won't really recommend buying them online, as you won't be able to check the condition of the foam, etc., inside that way. try local shops for that. but if you would still insist for online purchase, i can't think of any other portal apart from ebay :rolleyes:

congrats nipun! watch looks really nice :thumbs:

@ kbganesh - cabby looks slick! and your cable management is also making it look even better!

@ Tribalgeek - could you please let me know the cost for the whole bunch?!


Cyborg Agent
KARBONN K1515 for RS 1950 from flipkart, got delivered by flipkart within one and half day :D

sorry for the low quality pics, taken from sister's NOKIA C2-01 :oops:









rated R
Congo Sid. Purchased from??
Just ordered a dell power adapter 90 w from fliPkart. My old one got fried when some voltage problem occurred. Dell was charging 2500 got it for 1235 only..;)
Pics when i get it!!


When ever i got to my home town... i go to my fav library store and purchase national Dual layer DVD's (named as Double national) :) @ 25 rs each

no idea about Pune if got any thing will reply

In Hyderabad I get the same thing for Rs 20. And they are pretty good. Planning to buy more very soon.


Clueless Noob
I bought a buffalo mini station plus (HD-PNTU3 MiniStation Plus) 500 GB external hard drive for Rs. 4200 for my sister to store my bhanjay's photos. She must take at least 50 photographs of the kid everyday. I swear the kid is in more photographs now, than i ever will be in my whole life).

The WD, Seasgate and Buffalo (non shock proof one) were for Rs. 3850 but I considered my extra money well spent, when approximately 5 seconds after i connected it to her laptop my bhanja smashed it to ground from 1 feet. (the lappy was on ground, and he was sitting but still i wince to think what would happened if it was my 1TB WD hard drive which i have spent 18 months filling with stuff). It transferred around 13-14 gb photographs in around 20-25 minutes.


The Mighty Unkel!!!
Staff member
Got these today from Lightake

sorry for Mr. Blurry Cam

From right to left.

Kaiyue 5x5 - $6.99
Kaiyue Hollow Cube - $5.59
QJ MegaMinx - $7.56

total of $21.79 (including onemore $2.80 product and discount of $1.12)

total charge in INR 1254.82 :)


In search for Tech Gyan!
Ordered Targus Revolution Terra Backpack (TSB226AP-50) from Naaptol for 1699 after applying Rs.200 discount coupon. Waiting for the delivery.

Looking for a Full HD LED monitor in the range of 8K. Can anyone suggest one. Have zeroed in at AOC E2250SW, AOC E2251Fwe or E2243Fw2k.
@ TDF members from Delhi NCR: The pricelist @ costtocost.in shows AOC E2250, E2251, and 2243Fw for 6.9K, 7K and 7.2K respectively. Are these the same models which are available at the AOC India site?
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