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Back to school!!

And I was afraid that "refilling" will come up....Black refills do good...but the color refill was screwed up... :(

Thanks mate...

And yes...a late congo for ur latest acquisitions... :twisted:

Save up and get some goodies for ur own during christmas..maybe even durga puja/diwali...nothing is too small to be flaunted in the world of technology :D
You're a doctor, you'd know, HP ink is costlier than human blood by a large factor :lol:


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You're a doctor, you'd know, HP ink is costlier than human blood by a large factor :lol:

Its not that Hp's cartridges are always costlier.. Certain models from Hp has low priced cartridges...

Wanted to share some new investments...
1. Got an Xbox 360 controller for my bro @1300/-(all) from MD Computers,as congratulations for landing a job...

2. Got an HP 854 cartridge for my C3188 @938?-(all) :shock: :shock: ... Any ideas to cut on cartridge costs?

3. Changed over to TATA Sky HD yesterday...a new digicomp @2590 and HD Packly @75 pm.....Quality is jaw dropping

Congrats buddy.. Pics would be appreciated...

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Far Cry 2

Humanity: Hour I- The Scorpions
A Matter of Life and Death- Iron Maiden
Greatest Hits (3 CD)- Deep Purple
Absolute Greatest (2 CD)- Queen
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I'm not an audiophile(can't justify the expenses). But I did get an HD 558 (budget audiophile cans), and these do justice to wave files. For portable devices a small amp is good(probably gonna buy a Fiio E9+E7 combo in Malaysia when I go visit Kuala Lumpur en route to Australia and New Zealand this October :) ).

My brother a few of his own albums (he went with me):

Relic- Pink Floyd
Meddle- Pink Floyd
Atchung Baby- U2
In My Memory- DJ Tiesto
The Legend of the Black Shawarma- Infected Mushroom

As for Far Cry 2, I wanted to see why people either totally love it or totally hate it :lol:. For Rs.270 it was a no-brainer :p

Anyone knows where I can get Sting in the Tail (Deluxe Edition) by Scorpions? Neither the shop where I buy music nor Planet M had it :| Only standard edition :(

If anybody has it already, I'd like a Wave rip from iTunes (custom- 48kHz Sampling rate, 16-bit Stereo decode) if you can give them to me.


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Bought these for my cousin sister:-
* Intel i5-2400 -- 8.6k
* Intel DH67BL-B3 -- 5k
* WDC Blue 500GB -- 2k
* ASUS 24x DVD-RW -- 1k
* Corsair 4GB DDR3 1333MHz -- 1.2k
* Zebronics Temptation w/ PSU -- 2.7k (as except CM Elite 370 for 2.5k, no other good cabinet is available here).
* SAMSUNG S22A300B LED -- 8.4k (as only DELL 20" is available here)
* MS KB combo -- 0.6k
* Logitech Z103 Speakers -- 0.75k
* Intex 700VA -- 1.15k

I havent opted for a good branded PSU yet as she wont need a GPU as would never game. I am thinking of pairing the rig with HD 4670 at 3k or HD 5570 at 3.5k for better and clear clarity.

More over i3-2100 was available for 5.5k, so just thought of thought i5-2400 as it was available for 3k more. Though i5 is totally an overkill for her but i just couldnt leave i5 at such cheap price.
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