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I need some rates for the following configuration
Intel Core2Duo
1 GB ram
250 Gbs SATA drive
17" LCD or CRT

I was trying to find the lowest possible rates for this configuration.


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Sorry forgot to post:
Bought around 1.5 months back for 2.3K including vat and credit charges.
16 GB Corsair Voyager GT

Haven't used any other 16 GB pen drive.. so cant compare... but its as fast as an external 7200 rpm HDD. Atleast it seems to be so for me. :D And looks a ton better than the transcend cap models... :p
Very happy with purchase. :)


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Isn't that a bit overkill for an 8 yr old? You could easily have bought an Intel Classmate or say an All-in-one Atom based desktop for less. And it would have fared better.

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oh wow...Xenforo!!!
Owner's pride. My last case that I will most probably own. The fulltower lian li a70f:




Rest of the pics later after installation


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And is this what is going to be housed in that s*** palace:

"550be @ 3.9 ghz+ noctua u12p se2 | 4GBPK 1066 mhz | 790gxbe | WD 250GB+ SG 500GB+ 2x WD 1TB | e228wfp | merc stealth | tx 750 | New demons coming soon!"

Or you planning to get other stuff. Which GPU you have in mind. 5970, would compliment it just right....! :)

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oh wow...Xenforo!!!
5970 is not worth it. Besides as far my experience with hardware goes, this isn't the right time to buy any graphic cards, especially for gaming.


^Onboard HD4200 I suppose. I think he either has an older GPU or is not into hardcore gaming (as of now). Besides, I agree with his statement fully. :)


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I doubt the release of Fermi is really going to displace the price band-wagon. nVidia will keep them rocket high, ATI will not lower them too much. +The market is receiving less cores from Taiwan. That is is controlling the pricing big-time.

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oh wow...Xenforo!!!
How you gaming these days..?

I dont for now. I had 4870 previously and used for almost a year where I enjoyed majority of the games that I wanted to play after last year's e3 onwards, sold the card once I played all the games I needed and kept the cash for another day's work. I'll do pretty much the same when/if good titles start pouring in during q2/ early q3 '10. Other than gaming, I use my system for folding as well and I fold 24/7 unless I am gaming.

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Purchased cm fans for my Cm690..'

120mm *4 @ 800 bucks and 2 led fans @ 525 each....' I bought it frm classic computers but starcom and md computers is giving this more cheap...120mm normal fans @ rs 125 each and 4 costs rs 500....' led @ 465 each...'

Really missed out ,,,,.?
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