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how many GB of data can one download( average) on the following conn. (preferably using utorrent)

home500 (between 2am to 8am)
UL 750 ( downloads running whole day)
The theoretical amount of data that can be downloaded within a given period is easily calculated. Theoretically, you can download about 900 MB per hour with a 2Mbps Home 500 plan. That works out to 5.27 GB in six hours. UL 750 at 256 Kbps gives 112.5 MB per hour or about 2.6 GB in 24 hours.

However, the actual amount depends on certain factors: quality of your phone connection, download site/feeder, certain overheads for communication between your computer, the server and the source, etc. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to download that much data in the given time periods. My personal record is 4.14 GB (4,342,594 KB) in 5 hrs 29 mins a few days ago, averaging 220 KB/s, equivalent to 4.53 GB in 6 hours.


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how many GB of data can one download( average) on the following conn. (preferably using utorrent)

home500 (between 2am to 8am)
UL 750 ( downloads running whole day)
Well, I can easily download 3GB plus in the 2am-8am period and you can download 2700MB at max if you turn on your 256kbps UL connection whole day.......


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i m using plan of 9000 unlimited multiuser bussiness plan of bsnl
15 comp. are connected
problem is that
my net has become very slow
basically yahoo doesnt open u have to refresh it for atleast 5 times
i have bsnl huewei modem
switch of dlink
every system is well mentained with antivirus of quickheal
ya do download much almost 100 gb per month
isit due to this
or 9000 unlmited paln doesnt support fast to 15 comp.
i m not able to track what has happen
ya it get slow after 10.00am till 6.00 pm i think
is it my system problem or bsnl or modem
plz help me


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How many days does it take to get broadband connection in kerela ( I am from kannur)

anyone from kerela having BB pls answer quickly


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My friend recently got a new Dataone connection Home 250 plan.. How can he check his usage? At dataone site (dataone.in) it ask for portal id, from where should he get it? They didnt tell him.. And now he cant check his usage.. :(
BSNL Night unlimited billing.

I know that this thread has been repeated. but in order to compensate the updated (as i think) method of billing, i am puttin this thread.

Ok, here is the topic. Bsnl home 500, 500c, 500c+ etc... gives night unlimited i.e. 2am - 8am. the old rule was that you have to connect b/w 2-8 to avail the service. this cheat resulted in 15K 16K bills. it was a catastrophe for night downloads. as it promises 2mbps, though it won't give, we should practically make use of it. Yes, i r talkin about scheduling. Btw, an official over the office said that if you connect b4 2am it would'nt be a problem unless and untill you use it!!!:!:. then you have to disconnect b4 8am. but after some googling, i found that it was'nt true. so i am here to ask real people about the same.

My question : how does the night unlimited scheme of bsnl work???

ps. i don't expect replys containing "i think....." post iff you know what you are saying. Thanks:D


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Re: BSNL Night unlimited billing.

BSNL has fixed this problem long back.. now all downloads between 2AM and 8AM is not counted.. it is shown as downloaded but not billed.. even if you dont disconnect and reconnect .. it wont be billed.

Mods.. pls merge with DataOne sticky.


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Night unlimited works. Only, you have to restart your modem or router after 2:00 a.m. and before 8:00 a.m. failing which you will be charged like 300MB per mistake you make. Note that merely starting your downloads after 2:00 a.m. doesn't work, as the connection has been active. Only restarting the modem works.


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believe it or not I am getting 240KBps constant on my new GLB-802C D-Link modem(GLB-502T's successor) ...bsnl gaves crappy modems... :( .last modem I had on rental was UT300R2U utstarcom's one .those rental modems gave max speed of 225KBps(regular 217KBps) .I was shocked to find this. yes, tested both modems .

a TIP :guys ask your exchange guy to have a MDF test on your line. -reason ? many signal loss and noice are due to underground cable faults. I have benefitted this way.


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how to restrt my modem, if you not mean power off/on
Yep. I mean just flick the On/Off switch and it will restart. Alternatively, if you are a lazy smoosh, you can restart it by visiting your modem config page ( and restarting it from there. But I'd give the physical way a +1.


i am more lazy than you guys, that i have made a shell script to do this.
i just need to press 'rr' and router reboots, faster than any other method
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is my broadband plan activated

well i had submitted an application on 4/7/08 i.e.. last month, today i noticed that in my portal page my plan appears to be changed

it appears like this...

Orderid -------------xxxxxxx
Order ---------------Type Plan Change
Plan Name ----------Home UL 750 Plus
Order Status -------Open

so is my plan activated and can i start downloading.

well im confused if ' open ' means that the plan is activated or not, well earlier in my old plan the order status appeared to be provisioned.
please help me.:confused::confused::confused::confused:
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can not open the bbservice.bsnl.in
what do i do?
previously working..
i m in bridge mode..
tell me if any body can help me..


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well im facing the same problem. whenever i try going to the page bbservice.bsnl.in it redirects to another page, this site........



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Re: **Post all your BSNL Dataone Related Queries Here**

well my maximum speed in home 500 plan was 370 kBPS , belive it or not........ :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D;)
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