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Portal : The Series

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Hi, guys have you played Portal."A shooting game that doesn't have shooting really to speak off." You may have loved or hated this game (+1 I <3ed this game, actually Portal 2). I know this is a very late launch of Portal's thread, still.....
You may share your experiences like what you love:razz: and where you got struck:-x or even how many times you took help of walkthrough:mrgreen: ?

I have played Portal 2. It's is on top 10 :cool: of my must play games or whatever you say.... a TOP 10 or SIZZLIN' 10 or GOT TO PLAY 10. Truly fantastic !!!:-D. Speaking of the funny lines or the GREAT PUZZLES is out of the point, everyone has praised it. And FACTOR "FUNNY" was actually required otherwise it would have given Portal a horror game tag Xpect puzzles. Puzzles are AWESOME !!!

I just took help of 1 walkthrough, what about you ?:lol:

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ya played em. the first game is so short though. completed portal 2 except the co-up levels. looking for someone to do the co-up.
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