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I have a Pentium 4HT 3.0 GHZ processor and a Intel 865 GBL Motherboard with 512DDR 400 MHz RAM, 40 GB hard disk and Nvidia GForce MX 4000 graphic card. The computer turns off by itself without any warning many a times. When I press the power button to turn it off and on again the PC gives an alarming beep and a message during boot screen saying "The CPU was previously shut down due to an thermal event (over heating). Service the machine right away to resolve this." But the fans in my cabinet are working properly and the temperature of my room is also maintained. Nor does any application like Intel Active Monitor shows an alarming temperature raise. The temprature of my computer exceeds to 50 F.


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Definetly it should be the poblem of Heat sink in the mother board related to the processor. If it is under warranty replace the board.


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- check if the cpu fan is being blocked by cables
- did u remove the processor ?? i had this trouble when i removed the thermal compound paste between processor and heat sink . U might also get regiter and registry errors if u dont have enuf paste spread evenly
- try running the cabinet with side panels open
- set bios settings to default and check manufacturers site for bios updates .check if this issue is faced by others on manufacturers forum
- some ppl rely on everest home to check exact cpu , m/b , hdd temperature .
- try increasing safe limit for cpu to something a bit higher .
- if it gets too hot while troubleshooting , turn it off at times as u wouldnt want to fry to cpu
- what type of fan setup u got in the cabinet ? have one intake in front and one or two exhaust behind it . u have arrow marks on most fans showing airflow direction
- what power supply do u have ?
- try running system on minimum . no hdd , graphics card ( u have have intergrated ) , floppy , etc . remove all components and reinstall them one by one
- try placing the cpu right under the room fan while troubleshooting .
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