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Plugged in, not charging Windows 7


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Hai friends it is not a laptop buying advice I seriously need advice on some thing

I have samsung NP300E5z laptop with windows 7 64 bit os when i charge it using AC adaptor it shows

80% charged Plugged in, not charging Windows 7

i have searched over internet and found many solutions like uninstalling Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Batter
but after uninstalltion system doesn't detect any batteries it is same when i disable it can any one help me in this.

Battery and adaptor is perfectly working condition

and windows 7 is ultimate version


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Contact Samsung CC , they will help you out.. these are known issues and they will let you know the correct technique to fix the issue.


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That happens when the battery is having issues or when you are using a non-compatible charger.

How are you sure that the battery and charger are working?
Is it your own charger or borrowed from a friend?


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maybe its a safety feature built into the laptop to extend battery life (& backup). if you charge fully and then drain it, its called a battery cycle. so charge till 80 & keep using till it reaches 15% and charge again.

this was what i saw in a friend's Lenovo laptop recently.
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