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Please suggest

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I'm planning to get a new handset for around 8-9K. Please suggest me a good handset in this budget. MP3 Player and Memory expansion is preferred.




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For around 8-9K...MP3 Player and Memory expansion

:arrow: Moto E398 best fone,
- Bluetooth
- MP3 player
- Java MIDP 2.0
- WAP 2.0
- iTAP
- Voice dial
- Calculator
- Organizer
- USB port
- 65536 Colors
Memory Expansion -> yes
-TransFlash (T-flash) card slot - 64 MB card included
-MP3,Dual 16mm 22Khz stereo speakers with vibration
- MPEG4 / H.263

last time I checked, It was available for 8.2k

Other options,
SE-K700i/508i(old now), Flap phone SE-Z520i, Nokia 6101 (no-memory expansion)

My overall opinion is .. very few fones have Memory expansion in this category

E398 is the only phone with Stereo Speakers .. with base effect

the next model are coming .. but still E398 is a ruler ..

:arrow: Motorola E398 - Reviewed by drgrudge

:arrow: Motorola E398 - Reviewed by hbk88in


As a user of the phone, I definitely recommend the Moto E398.. Excellent phone with nice features, and very good sound quality...Display is sharp and clear, the best I've seen in this category. The only downside is a slowly responding OS.., but once you get used to it, you have nothing to worry about... Get the Moto E398.. No second thoughts..


Thanks a lot for your replies. It would really help me to decide. No doubt that this is the best phone in this category but still I have some questions:

1. Is E398 better and faster than Nokia 6600?
2. Is purchasing a second hand Nokia 6230 advisible?
3. What is the difference series 40 and series 60 phones? Which one is better?
4. What about
* Cons
- Bluetooth issues (does it works well with Nokia)?
- no video capture (can't do anything)
- slow processor
- no FM radio ????????
5. Finally, any other option?



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Well I can only give answer to one question of yours. Regurading Symbian 60 series and 40 series. Series 60 has far better features and you can install lots of softwares for series 60 phones. But, buy a series 60 phone if only you need lots of functionalities and style. And AFAIK , there's no 60 series phone available in your price range, though you may find nokia 6600 for about 9k in some places.


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1. E398 is better
2. no i dont advise that
3. series 40 & 60 are different types of phone .. both are good in their category
4. BT is fine, for video recording get a handy cam .. no-phone is good in that, fm radio do you really need that
5.1st post above


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i have to tell u some thing about e398. my frnd uses it.
1 its slow like 6600
2 it has connectivity problems. when u connect by cable/bluetooth u have to remove the mem card otherwise u cant connect
3 when u play mp3 u have to activate the rocker for good sound quality and u cant turn off
4 no streaming no tv which is basic point here
i have j300 se phone with streaming and cnbc and zoom and aajthak on my phone any time for free by airtel live
5 and so many i cant tell u

Go for k700i its not out of fashion
it has all the facilities EXCEPT MEMORY SLOT
it has radio with rds support infrared picture animation, contact groups,
etc all these u dont find in motorola

Think befor u buy because when VAMSEE SAYS ITS TRUE AND WORTH LISTENING


Regarding the post above,
1. It has no connectivity problems whatsoever.. I use both bluetooth and cable for transferring files without any problem and without having to remove the memory card.
2. Sound quality is good even without the rocker (you mean vibe sync, I guess).
3. you need not play mp3 only with the mp3 player application.. There is a separate player for sounds and you can just play songs with it, and it can be hidden while you browse other folders in your phone.
4. It doesn't have infrared I agree, but who needs it when you have bluetooth, and when data cable is part of the package??
5. It does have contact groups, though it is called as categories here.. And you can create your own categories..

@VAMSEE : you would do better to check all the features thoroughly yourself..And no offense meant.. :D


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Regarding the post above,
1.wrf to querry no 1 i had personally experienced the problem regarding e398 but i dont know about otheres
2 Without vibe sync the sound quality is below average and with that is average. If u want to know whats good sound quality is just visit SE dealer for j300i and play mp3s with equaliser for 4500/-
3. Real reason for providing the mp3 player apart from general audio player is for good quality. Thats the hitch. if u want to play by gen. player u dont get good quality. in se u have equaliser effect only with mp3 player
4 TRUTH MUST BE CRYSTAL CLEAR groups and categories are different. groups in se ie what i am talking is creating group names and having contact names in it. So if u enable one perticular group only callers from that group will get connected others will simply hear busy signal. THIS FEATURE IS VERY IMPORTANT WHICH ENABLES PRIVACY

Now i come to other features i didnt tell u

5. se low end phones have call recording facility which u see only in high end phones ie u can make a proof for what others talk to u.
6. voice control. it enables dial nos just by saying their names via headset. other than se mfgs have this facility. But the hitch is u need to press the button to activate the feature while u drive. where as in sony u have magic word spelled by u will enable the feature and next u can say person name to dial no without even touching ur phone.
7. motorola can not load pages > 1mb wap / html files. where as se j300i for 4500/- has a ram of 1.9mb



Ok, Thanks all of you for your valuable suggestions.
I need one more suggestion, which phone will you people advise me for 6-7K (my cousin needs it). Preferably FM and cam. What say vamsee??



One more thing, is there any data cable available for Samsung X620 and is it preferred over N6610i and N7250i??


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if u really want good quality fm with rds support go for se k700i which has
bluetooth n usb n hscsd n serial n irda
great joystick n great support like upgrading ur firmware n software
sync ur phone with or without wap to remote server or offline server
stereo fm with rds
stereo mp3/aac player with best stereo headset
mp4 3gp player
unlimited video capturing with different sizes
take photoes with different frames and sizes also with night vision with cap
record ur voice
record ur call while u talk
65k clear tft display
etc features not mentioned for app. 8000 to 8500

2nd choice go for k508 for app. 7000
prices vary different locations
it has all above features except below ones
no fm
12 mb only
no bluetooth
screen size remains same but 90% quality compared to k700i

3rd choice go for k300i app 6000
all same features wrf to k508i
only thing is 65k screen with 128*128 screen display ie smaller compared to about phones

well i sugest u go for se phone. before u buy give weitage on the features they provide not simply on names like nokia. if u r intelligent u can see there is lot of difference that se offeres good features for lowest price n quality eg sound n display

bye bye
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