Please Suggest me a Wi-Fi Dongle and some questions - HELP


Hello everyone

I would like to use BSNL SIM (3G) with a Wi-Fi Dongle, following are my requirements:

1. I want to use the dongle like this: - In my room WCDMA network signal is almost NIL, so I will be using it with a adapter somewhere where the signal is strong. Don't want the DONGLE to remain connected with my computer/laptop all the time.

2. I want 3G mode to be always ON. Some dongle switches from 3G to 2G automatically. I don't want this. As I said above I will connect the dongle with power adapter, so I don't want the dongle to switch network modes.

Request you to please suggest me a good Wi-Fi dongle taking into consideration my requirements. Please give model number also.


P.S. I don't care about 4G as of now. 4 Mbps is more than sufficient for my requirement.
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