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Please suggest good mp3 phone under Rs.4500/-


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I am looking to buy a phone for my brother.
Apart from call, sms he mainly needs only mp3 and radio.
So it must have card slot or good internal memory(at least 1 GB) with good enough music quality and 3.5mm audio jack is preferable.
He dont care abt camera quality (if there)..

Please suggest a decent looking and usable(decent keypad and screen) phone within 4500.



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no replies yet ??
ah come on..
I am considering the following phones at the moment:
Nokia 7230, 5130 xpress music, LG GM210, Nokia C3(i think it costs 5500, is it worth?), Samsung B2100, SE K550.

I did not consider Nokia 2690, 2700 classic as I did not like their keypad.
please provide your input. I would be thankful.
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Bond, Desi Bond!
why this one out of all others.. Any specific reason(s)?
It even does not have 3.5mm jack. Or is its sound quality far better than others?

it Does have a 3.5mm jack and

great build quality
superb audio quality
decent radio reception
decent bundled earphones
very good display

never ever buy an LG phone. the UI and support suck.
Nokia C3 : not yet released
Samsung B2100: it'a fing brick, not a music phone
SE K550: more of a camera phone, no 3.5mm jack and everything is through proprietary port (charging, data transfer, earphones)
Nokia 7230: costs 6k and not inside 4.5k and for this price, I would pick 6303i.


If you have some time to wait, I would recommend one of these two upcoming Nokia phones.

1. Nokia C2-00
Dual sim with dual standby, MP3 player, Expandable memory, VGA camera, 3.5 mm jack.
Expected price: Rs. 2500. Expected launch in August 2010
Nokia C2-00 - Full Phone Specifications, Price

2. Nokia X2-00
5 MP camera with flash, cool looks, Expandable memory, dedicated music keys, USB charging, GPRS/EDGE, Dual stereo speakers, Media Player with metadata ID3 tags and album art support,
Nokia Music Store support
All of these at Rs. 5000.


Nokia X2 - Full Phone Specifications, Price


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Hi All,

After considering the options I had and some mentioned here, I concluded:
- The keypad of 5130 XM was not satisfactory (I wonder why Nokia puts in such crap keypads in almost all low-mid budget phones), also its color options were too eye hurting(red on black).
- Could not wait longer, so Nokia C2 and X2 are out of consideration.
- Thanks to desiibond, I also had look at 6303i. And surprisingly, its keypad and overall build was notch above what Nokia had on offer in other phones. Display was also pretty good and also had 3.5 mm jack.
So finally bought it in golden color. It cost me 6K, as it was authorized showroom.

As of now, the little disappointing things about it have been:
- FM Reception is tad disappointing
- Camera does not show true colors(Same with all Nokia Phones), Flash is no good for more than 2-3 feet distance.
- Call Speaker volume wont be sufficient for some people when using at Noisy outdoors.
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Hey there's a lot of Nokia mobiles within your price range,, well i wont suggest you anything as choice varies from person to person,, you can check out the phones of all brands according to prices in the links given below.

LG Cosmos phone
samsung seek sprint
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