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Please help Regarding new mobile

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Broken In
Hello Friends.

I wana purchase new mobile i goted two choices plz help me between these two mobiles.

Nokia 5200
Sony Ercsion K750i

which one is better to purchase

or any mobile which u think is better for me


Wire muncher!
if u want a trendy lookin phone and are not bothered much abt camera get 5200. but if u want excellant cam, value for money and not so futuristic looking phone get k750i.


Wise Old Owl
why u comparing 5200 with k750i :confused: those have a lot price difference, around 2k.... you should compare between 5300 and k750i....


Broken In
i m in pak here 5200 and 750 have same price only 1k diffrence and 5300 is 10K coslty then these both:-x

however i got 5200 becuse it is new and looking dashing and new and 750 is very old now.;)


5200 is showing a few probs.Three of my frnds bought 5200 and all 3 r dead now.They hav been sent to Nokia Care for replacement.
So K750i is a better deal.
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