please give feedback on my first website


Hi everybody. Just launched my first website:
Ive posted articles on the top software in every category (e.g. browsers, video players etc.).
Not a lot of articles atm, but i'm adding them regularly.
Please visit the site. Feedback is appreciated.


New Voyage
First of all its pretty ok.

the background theme is too dark which hinders good readability, look into it.

you can try for better layout designing, now it resembles the blog.

Tiny Bug: Facebook share is not poping out a new window!

Not a lot of articles atm, but i'm adding them regularly.

Not a lot of articles? It's empty right now :(
OP has mentioned he doesn't have much articles!:wink:


you need to do good work on Design, now it looks like 90's website, you don't need to design yourself get templates for immediate start, many free templates are available,

next thing is content, add as much as possible

I also see you have not added proper Meta data, which is needed to get in search results of search engines.


True Techie
Design : 3/10
Logo : 2.5/10
Readability : zero
content : not really anything present right now
social networks : not present .

Work dude .. fill in some contents .. All the best !


No one likes light text on dark background?? Can you please be a bit more specific about the design deficiencies??


Back to school!!
Write some articles, or just quote news from other sources(mentioning the sources).
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