Photos disappeared from Memory card


Hello, I used my Nikon D5200 to take some shots yesterday at around 3 PM. The photos turned out well, and I immediately showed my family members.
There will be about 20 of those. When I attempted to copy them to Lightroom later that evening, I was surprised to discover that those images were missing.
The memory card contained all of the older images, but none of the ones I took yesterday. There are no hidden files. I also used a card reader I used to verify the SD card.

Can anyone shed any insight on the potential cause?


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Did you try running some recovery software on the SD card? It probably got deleted accidentally.


No I didnt delete it accidentally. I tried again. I clicked a few photos, I was able to see them in the camera display. But when I tried lightroom and even file explorer, photos were not there.
Now it says the memory card is corrupted.
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