Phenom II X2 unlock


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Hello, guys!
I recently purchased the following components from Wazirpur, Delhi:

Processor- Phenom II X2 560
Mobo- Msi 760GM P33
RAM- Corsair XMS3 1333Mhz (4gb*2)
Graphics Card- Sapphire HD 6670 1GB DDR5
Monitor- Dell 1930
DVD writer- Sony
PSU- Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 500w (searched for corsair all over the market but could not find it :-( )
Cabinet- Intex Entizer (budget constraints) :oops:

Now , I have 2 questions:

1) I unlocked the extra 2 cores of the X2 using BIOS of the mobo and the pc started just fine. I wanted to ask if it is safe to run the unlocked processor on the mentioned mobo with the stock cooler (won't OC)?

2) Can the PC handle all the latest games thrown at it at mid-high settings on the monitor's native resolution (1366*768) ?


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well, If the pc is stable then there is no problem in unlocking the extra 2 cores. but, I suggest you to change the stock cpu cooler as it was made to cool down 2 cores not 4 cores. and yes your pc can handle the latest games at medium settings at smooth fps ,but not High settings.


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Better run some benchmarks and monitor the CPU temperature using HWMonitor. If it is very high or crossing 55 degree then you should go for a cheap after-market cooler. Normally Phenom II processors come with a better cooler than Intel and they are also copper pipe based. So you might not need to change anything.


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temparatures are fine, about 42 degrees at idle...What I really want to ask is if the motherboard is suitable for the unlocked in cpu-z it is showing the max tdp of X4 B60 as 143W whereas the mobo supports processors upto 125W?


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^^ TDP should be around 95W, not 143W. or at most 125W. yes motherboard is fine. and 42degree idle is really high. do what Cilus suggested. I expect temperature to touch 60 under load (high gaming). If it crosses 55, get Cooler Master TX3 at 1.3-1.4k else if you can grab Cooler Master 212 Evo for 2k.
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