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Petition to Apple

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Better if u file a petition for making better roads in Delhi & better bus service
Nah... who cares about Delhi Roads ? Come to Bangalore and see our SICK roads thanks to this stupid Bangalore International Airport traffic redirection and Bangalore Metro Railway construction work. Our precious MG Road got damaged so badly, that its hardly recoganisable as the coolest place to hang around which it once had the distinction of. :mad:
Did you see those n00bs who petitioned there ? They are totally stupid and clueless.

They think that Indians are being overcharged compared to the US without even looking at the plans.

And some fools are going on like "I think its a really cool and funky phone" blah blah blah. Classic signs of marketing done by the media and getting influenced by it and dying at the hands of Darwin's law of natural ELIMINATION. People with working brains don't see the "coolness" or "funkiness" of a Phone to buy it, only the features.

I am surprised that this many n00bs exist in India, but on a second thought, with over 1Billion people, its easy to find lakhs of n00bs here.

is there any other thread more stupid than this in digit forum rite now ?
There are MANY.
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I do NOT want an iPhone, but I have a simple point to make to Apple inc.:

Either give us the same terms as in the west, or quit India!


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Did you see those n00bs who petitioned there ? They are totally stupid and clueless.
May be......

They think that Indians are being overcharged compared to the US without even looking at the plans.
:lol: They got unlimited 3G and even HSDPA........And we don't even have 3G at the moment. And whatever the plan may be, they can easily afford a $69 per month plan. Plus, they can easily utilize each and every function of iPhone3G in their country.

When 3G is going to be launched, then you'll see the plans being tripled for the 3G subscribers. You may be surely knowing that TRAI is auctioning the spectrum??.....Telecom operators will try to recover the money which they paid in the auction as soon as possible...:lol: 3G prices will further go up.

Haha, in the end do you think that a phone that lacks so much of basic but important features should be insanely priced like this.....:lol:

And yes, most probably (may be not), the Contract-Free iPhone is going to be available @ 599$ in the US (as some people posted in the forum) thats still quite less than the 750$ Network-Locked iPhone3G launched here.

Whatever the reasons may be, Indians are being looted by Apple-Airtel-Vodafone through the iPhone.

May be you're also a n00b, as you don't know that SearchID links don't work....:lol:

PS: I'm a also a n00b as there is no limit of gaining knowledge. If you'll not be a n00b, then you're surely not going to learn.
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I pawn nubs


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@T159 and @gagan

Something given as security for a loan; a pledge or guaranty.
The condition of being held as a pledge against the payment of a loan: jewels in pawn.
A person serving as security; a hostage.
The act of pawning.
tr.v., pawned, pawn·ing, pawns.
To give or deposit (personal property) as security for the payment of money borrowed.
To risk; hazard: pawn one's honor.

Pwn is a slang term that implies domination and/or humiliation of a rival. It sprang from the similar term "owned" and is used primarily in the Internet gaming culture to taunt an opponent that has just been soundly defeated. Examples include "pwnage" or "you just got pwned". It can also be used, especially by non-gamers, in the context of getting "pwned"


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pwn was actually a typo due to the 'p' and 'o' keys being placed together.
Anyways, T and Gagan PWNED!!! :D
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