Pc Is Turtoise

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My PC Configuration is
Gigabyte motherboard
Intel P4 2.66 Ghz
I GB DDR ram
Window Xp Pro Sp2

But my computer is running very slow and my friend computer intel celeron is running faster than my computer.
What i have to change smps or cooling fan.
Tell me immediately.


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If the PC is not heating too much
than you dont need to change any Hardware Device like fan or smps

it can be a Software Problem


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there is no software problem

:)) to chec whether its a soft prob or hard prob

1.format & reinstall OS
2.fully scan ur HDD with an up2date antivirus
3.use process-explorer 2 chec any anonymous background process

even after following option1 ur pc is runing like a tortoise then definitely
its a hardware problem (may be with ram,HDD or processor)


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formatting is nt the sol...many prob cause pc to slow down.
virus, unnecessary services, reg etccc.
so do all the xp tweaks thn run reg cleaner, virus scanner, n also increase ur page file. defrag ur hdd.


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if exploring the HDD is lagy, maybe some bad sectors has shown up
do a check disk
run>cnmd>desired partition:\chkdsk/f
this will dismount the partition and try to fix any bad sectors if any.

and also try a clean install of XP on some other partition other that the current one.
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