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Hello friends,

I have decided to buy a new rig after my 2nd sem gets over i.e after 2-3 months.
So, I have decided to gather info about all hardware.

I have so far decided to buy the following rig, plz suggest me a good S.M.P.S & a good cabinet.

:) My rig goes like this ->

1. AMD Athalon X2 3800+ or 4200+
2. Asus a8n mobo
3. graphic card - 6800gt
4. (512*2) gb ddr ram from kingston
5. 160/250 gb hdd (western digital/segate)
6. benq dvd writer
7. monitor- 19'' from view sonic
and so on...:)

So plz suggest a good power supply for this rig & also a good cabinet.

:) Budget of smps+cabinet is of around 4k :)

Thanks in advance.


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I have the same rig but with 7800GT gfx card, Im using VIP G100 cabinet and zebronics 500W Platinum series SMPS

Cabinet cost me 2.1K and SMPS costs me 1.7K...

This cabinet has a transparent side door, its kindda good as compared to the price of Antec Lanboy costing around 4.5k. If you dont want a transparent side door then there are lots of good cabinets out there, view these posts :



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zebronics smps seems to be good but can anybody post the official website of zebronics smps and also of some cabinets.

Thanks for the info !!!
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