PC Buying Guide - July 2011

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Jas, I think now we can provide a gaming mouse for all, even at 35K, 40K configs. Check the GIGABYTE GM-M6800 Noble Black 5+1 Buttons Mouse, available @ Rs 675 in itwares. It is a 1600 DPI mouse.

Check some forum discussions about it in here and here.

Superb find and those reviews looks and at that dirt cheap price this mouse is a real winner and must be recommended in all possible budget configs.

BTW, some price updates :

Sapphire HD6870 is Rs. 11k

Asus P8Z68-V PRO @ 14k
Asus P8Z68-V @ 13k
Asus P8Z68 DELUXE @ 17.2k
Gigabyte Z68X-UD3R-B3 @ 10.5k
Gigabyte Z68X-UD4-B3 @ 12.6k

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Anyone Have Review about this ssd & current price

Silicon Power E20 SSD 120 GB (Price In Chip Magazine: 9700)

We Can Consider This For Your 100K & 130K Rig & it is the cheapest 120 gb ssd
read / write speeds above 200 mbs


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@topgear, does GIGABYTE GM-M6800 require a mouse pad?

Megamind, none of the Optical and laser mouse necessarily requires a Mouse pad, you can use them without mouse pad. But the thing is for smooth and controlled movement in games, a mouse pad is highly recommended.

Regarding Gigabyte mouses, they are far cheaper. I came to about them when my roommate had built his super rig 3 years back. He had a Gigabyte 5 btn Laser mouse with 1600 DPI and weigh control with 5 different weights. It was available at just 1700 bucks.

By the way, I found some good and cheap mouse pad also:

RANTOPAD H1 Centaur Gaming Mouse Pad Small @ 0.3K( 280X220X3 mm)

Rantopad H1 Maya Gaming Mouse Pad @ 0.3K (280X220X3mm)

The above two are small sized and their medium sized (360 x 280 x 3 mm) are available @ 0.4K. Here is the Rantopad H1 Volcano pics


These mouse pads are bigger than the small sized Razer goliathus mouse and also cheaper. FOr detail, check the itwares.


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Optional upgrades for 130k -
Component | Make | Price Sound Card |ASUS Xonar DX|4200
Headset |Roccat Kave|5000

Where Asus Xonar DX is available at 4.2k ??? its available at 5.4k at itdepot & 4.6k at Lynx-India..

Locally it cost more than 5k.
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