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There are numerous payment gateways out there ?

Which one is the best and most reliable and also compatible with Magento?


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For international I'd recommend PayPal, as for local - you may need to look it up or even check with banks in your area :)


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Last time I checked, Paypal have a limitation of donating through Paypal. Due to this people from outside India, couldn't send money using Paypal to India.
Any views about this?


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Paypal for Indians is now nothing more than ****, they don't want to follow banking guidelines but yet wanted to act as bank.. Moreover, they cheat in currency conversion always, be it receiving or sending. It should be considered only last resort.


If you want to sell domestic, PayPal is useless.

The best and cheapest option is PayU. The folks are very nice over there and will help you step by step. You just have to sign an agreement and give them the remittance information.


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1. PayUbiz
2. Citrus Pay
3. ZaakPay

These three I've seen in use .. you can also use PayUMoney which is also very good.


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You can use CCavenue if you are selling physical products. They do provide free accounts. For digital products PayPal works great.
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