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Pathetic Pings on BSNL kolkata, alternatives?


Back to school!!
Enough is enough, I am SICK and TIRED of BSNL kolkata, I have 750ULD plan on NIB II, for the past 3/4 months I am getting pathetic pings even inside india during daytime, at night the pings are ok, but during daytime and evening(around 11AM to 11PM) pings to everywhere are pathetic at best, some results.



For some ungodly reasons, ping to singapore are better than mumbai. :mad:



Weird thing is, pings do not correspond, if mumbai is that huge alaska should be a 1000ms, but it isn't, it fine.

Then I dug around a bit, whatever is happening is happening due to these two servers, look at the left and right pics, to servers are bumping ping to oblivion, the middle pic shows a ping to a server in kolkata, so the second server(violet marked) is not there, but the first one is(yellow marked), what are these two servers? And why are they pi$$ing on the packets?


So, I need some results to compare, could you guys help me? I want the path to these three ip, dns), www.calcuttatelephones.com, and Google.

You can use default tracert or use this free tool: Download Visual Trace Route 0.8 Free - FREE Visual replacement for the standard trace route utility - Softpedia

Results from kolkata will help, but other places is ok as well, I specially want alliance and reliance kolkata pings.
I'm from Kerala and it's the same here too, somehow all BSNL Broadband peeps are getting 250+ pings, while a local ISP, Asianet gives me pings of 70 - 90 to the same server. The jitter and packet loss is also high for BSNL when compared to others. BSNL is not at all suited for gaming purposes it seems :(

This is Asianet, a local ISP from Kerala, while BSNL gives 300+ pings to Singapore and 450+ to European servers...


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Back to school!!
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This is Asianet, a local ISP from Kerala, while BSNL gives 300+ pings to Singapore and 450+ to European servers...

Ok, ordered Alliance, will commence from next month. See below.

I get around 70 ping to all servers in India however if I ping to countries other than ours , the ping reaches oblivion: S
Hmm bad.

OK, alliance won't do, they use streamrider to snoop on our connection and push ads, no way to block it, I'l take up alliance later when I get a job just for downloading.
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