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P3 System for Sale - Mumbai- New Yr Bonaza

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I have a P3 - 1100Mhz with Asus CUSL2 Mobo, 512MBRAM, ATI 9000 series AGP card with 128MB RAM, LAN Card, Samsung CD Rewriter 24X, 80GB Seagte HDD, 1.44FDD, Cabinet with 2 FANs, 56kbps Modem card.

Complete cabinetw ith everything above fitted is for Sale. System in working condition.

I am selling this as I have just bought a C2D based system.

PL let me know your best offer.

Thanks & Wishing You a Happy New Year 2008


Unmountable Boot Volume
U can have it for Rs 5000 cash down.

Honestly mate, not trying to junk your thread or anything, but don't be unrealistic in posting prices like 5K for this system. Don't expect more than 3K until you want to make a bakra out of someone. You can get a better brand new AMD or an Intel computer for 8K, so dont' expect so much for a P3 system.:rolleyes:

Thanks. However I am selling a fully working system & not a Dead one.

PS: No one is going to give you a penny for a dead system let alone 2K. So be realistic with your statements and your price.


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You haven't made any mention of Monitor?

If you are asking for 5k for only the CPU then mate u need to see a Psychiatrist pretty soon, even with monitor it is an impossible price except offcourse u sell it in some remote village, definitely not in Mumbai.......I am not harsh bro but reality is!


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think of making it as a thin client to your new pc

don't throw your P3, it may be of any use ,

give it to some charity man
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