Oxygen Phone Manager 2 ???

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i have a registered version of OPM 2 ... & an ir device ... have also installed the required drivers ...

Wanna connect my 7250i 2 my comp. ... bt it doesn`t detect my phone ... whereas it detects my frds 6610 ...

whot should i do ???


Does ur OPM support your phone 7250i ??? Read the supported phone types in the file that comes along with OPM 2. If not then its not gonna work


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yo ppl i wanted to start a service for my local ppl that i cud put any ringtones or games or things like that in their mobiles offline using opm or any other software so i wanted to know what all ill need and mind it i want to do this for ppl with an mobile not only nokia ok so suggest me ppl.


opm is only for nokia
apart from this ull need an IR port
and data cables for each and every model available in the market
cuz not all have ir. .. and not all have bluetooth either
but they all support data cables
apart from this goto download.com and search for a phone manager for all phones unlike OPM


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hey SmoothCriminal,

bt 7250i has been listed in its list ...

& where can i get airtel ka ringtone ???
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