OS for new machine?

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^^ see i agree vista may be secure
but xp is also secure if u know how everything works..n use all features efficiently.....most xp users dont even know they are running os as administrator..thats the reason for security probs in xp...remember iam no fanboy of xp...jus ma xperience

i don have idea of graphics program performance...but i am a using xp more than 5 years...especially running simulations/numerical progs like MATLAB,PSPICE,etc ...xp rules over vista in case of simulation progs atleast
My stupid gprs connection gives more speed and stability on vista than xp. And it is also incase of my friends bsnl broadband connection. For networking vista rockz.


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Why waste on VISTA when you can get XP and all the compatible apps. And later if Win 7 comes out with a positive response then get that instead of the long lost in oblivion pavement for win 7 a.k.a. VISTA...lulz.

I can hardly see that what I can do on VISTA and no in XP. I will much out the last bit of performance when it comes to my sytem. Yes DX 10 is not there but tell me how many games come exclusively for DX 10 (which itself is a shameless selling strategy by MS, its clearly shown that DX 10 can be installed on XP).

Anyway its upto the user to decide, either to own a mashed potato or a small but rotund potato.
Get Windows Vista in preference to XP. By now, most applications are optimised enough to run on Vista as good or better when compared to performance on XP.

And don't mind if results are published for Vista 64bit. If they really ARE, go get vista 64bit :p

The only propable problem with vista is that its interface takes a LOT of time getting used to. Several things are hidden away in odd corners and so many things which you could do with great ease in XP would seem damn hard on vista in the first week or two. You may have to use a few tuner software to optimise the OS. Personally speaking, I got sick of it in a day or two, but I am sure you have enough patience to spare on this OS.

The reason I am telling you to get vista is because WIndows 7 is to Windows Vista is to Windows XP what Windows XP is to Windows ME is to Windows 98. When Windows 7 comes out, there would be much better performance but much less to learn.

The monetary investment on Vista is half that on XP for a retail license. But that shouldn't worry you should it ? :p
Again reason to get vista.


in my opinion windows xp with service pack 2 is the most stable windows to be used, so go for it
Hi buddy,

Go for XP professional SP2 + with windows7 theme. it's da best OS one can suggest you, windows7 theme will give it a fresh look for you.


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Install Vista if you can. I am using just the Home Basic version on my dual core, 2GD DDR2 laptop and I am loving every bit of Vista.


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currently using Vista on two systems

System A
vista basic on
celeron 2.13 ghz with 512 ram works perfect for me ,no problems at all (i'm serious guys :D)

System B
vista ultimate on my notebook with 1.6 ghz dual core works like charm

ur config is way better than mine i'll suggest u use vista its way better in user interface and functionality than XP


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OMG! I always thought selecting the hardware would be difficult but this OS choice seems to be a never ending debate. You wont believe but I haven't installed any OS till now in my machine. Will do it on the weekend but still haven't decided which one.. :)


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I guess you could go with both sides and it would not matter. For your configuration both are good.
Neither is Vista bad, and XP is pretty good too. And you can do anything you do in one with the other.
I guess you should go for the one which is cheaper for you.
In case you go with Vista, go with the 64bit version.


what makes you think that photoshop will be slow on vista. take a look at the photoshop tests.

You said slow? Well I NEVER said anything about the speed to open a file in photoshop or GIMP. What happens when you open fifteen to twenty photographs in XP and Vista and start working. And batch processing? Does Vista still beat XP. Come on.


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Clearly, you did not explore Vista enough to discover how its supersedes XP Pro.

I'll admit that I didn't explore Vista enough...Couldn't afford the license and I'm way too obsessed with *nix...

But I was speaking in terms for a basic user in the sense that XP has as good application support.
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