Orkut Scrapper 2.0.1 Relaunched

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Cyborg Agent
bhai if u r the developer of this extension, then i wud like to point out that if u r using auto login feature of this extension, then while logging in URL shows ur password!!! i m using ff with adblock, adblock filterset, customize google, fasterfox, gmail manager, flashblock, IE Tab, PDF Download, TAb MIx Plus, Google Notebook and Orkut Scrapper 2.0.1


Right off the assembly line

I know about this bug, this is because the title shows the starting and ending characters of the URL while logging in . I will try to sort out a solution for this.

Anyways , thanks for reminding me....Enjoy Orkutting...!


Wise Old Owl
LOL, Then the application must be renamed as 'Password Displayer' or 'Password Stealer'!!!


Cyborg Agent
also if i click reply to scrap in the scrap notification, it opens up in new window, i wud like it to open in new tab in the current window

also u shud mention about the password thingy in readme or something!!


Right off the assembly line

I have found out a solution to hide ur password in Autologin. When u enter ur password in the Autologin add & and then type some nonsense...then click ok..Now ur password will not be displayed

Example :

Username : yourusername

Passowrd : yourpassword&typesomething


Wise Old Owl
@Shwetanshu, Your problem can be very easily solved!!
In the FireFox browser, go to the menu 'Edit' -> "Preferences'
This will open the 'Firefox Preferences' dialog.
Now click on the button 'Tab' , here select "Force links that open new windows to open in",
Under it select the radiobutton 'a new tab'.
Click on 'Close'.
Your problem is solved!!
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After receiving new scrap also the extension is showing "None has scrapped you". Please solve :(



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hey guys! need some help regarding orkut
accidentally i blocked a friend and now i cant send him scraps nor i can re-add him
what shuld i do now????
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