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Oracle debacle

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Broken In
Hey Guys i want to know if oracle 9i will run on my Win Xp Pro+SP2 rig with the windows firewall turned on cause when i installed it all i got was tns protocol adapter error.

Any clues .....

Anybody ..........


Cyborg Agent
LOL! Keith...9i is free for personal use and for educational purposes. You can download it from the Oracle website for free mate. Its only when you build commercial applications on it that you need to pay for it. This is the same with all Oracle products.


TNS Protocol adapter error does not mean ur firewall is blocking it. Could you give more information w.r.t your oracle installation ? Have you installed the DB in one machine and the client in another ? Or is it all on one machine ? Also check the following in your services. Once the database is installed the Listener needs to be started check to see if it is. Also Oracle needs a static IP to be assigned to your system ? Is your system networked ? If not you need to assign some static Ip to your system. Oh and also your system name needs to be in the following format:


else Oracle will not work with host names will work only with IP's. Please read the pre-install documents carefully b4 installing 9i. Its not an easy task.


What firewall are you using? I shall strongly recommend you to turn off your firewall at the time of installation for a trouble free installation. Don't forget the password information provided by the installer at the time of installation. After installation restart your computer and then check whether you can access to SQL Plus both from IE and command prompt.
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