Optimum router setup?


Wise Old Owl
I have
1. Huawei EchoLife EG8141A5 GpON modem router provided by the ISP.
2. TP-Link W8961-N ADSL modem router.
3. Netgear N150 router.

Presently I am using the Huawei as both modem and router. With multiple devices running online classes, YouTube etc. I feel sometimes that the Huawei is overwhelmed and misses some packets(?). Online classes perform better if the router is re-started just before.

I use a 30 Mbps unlimited connection at home.

I wonder if shifting the routing/wifi duties to either (2) or (3) above will help with this situation?
What sort of work would overwhelm the Huawei?
Is there any advantage to doing as I have mentioned?


Legend Never Ends
You can always try shifting. Check the DNS server and change it to Google DNS (or similar) and see if it helps.

With 30 Mbps the Huawei device shouldn't be that overwhelmed. Check for overlapping wifi channels with neighbors that may cause interference as well.

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Wise Old Owl
I try to avoid Google as far as possible. Usually it is CloudFlare or DNS.Watch.

Location is not an issue as signal strength is good.

Let us say that I want to use both for wifi. Would it affect throughput for local transfers over LAN? Say I keep one router in first floor and another in ground?
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