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Opera 9 help ! ! !

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Cool as a CUCUMBAR ! ! !
whot r widgets ???Any good skins ??? can v shift tab bar below add bar ???

its definately faster than IE & FF .........

bt i still prefer FF .......


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Anand_RF said:
Skins, widgets and other customizations - http://my.opera.com/community/customize/
Or you can directly go to the widgets directory from widgets>add widgets

Anand_RF said:
Tab bar cannot be moved below address bar, although you can put an address bar onto the Main bar.
You can also move it around.
Do this:
>tools>appearence>tabs> now physicaly click on the tabs bar once selected>placement>choose bottom from the drop down menu.

Anand_RF said:
Widgets are small programs, like what plugins/extensions are for firefox.
Only difference is that they donot in any way modify the main browser thus increasing stability. also the can be run even if opera is minimized.

Why opera over firefox:
has a mail client, torrent support, mail client etc
mouse guestures
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