Only 125 GB visible in 250 GB WD hard disk. pls help

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I had recently purchased a new Western Digital 250GB SATA Hard disk and loaded Windows XP on it. I created four partitions with windows xp cd. But after installation I felt that partition was not done according to my need as one partition was too large. I then installed Partition Magic 7.0 and tried to redristribute the larger partition keeping in mind not to involve windows C: drive.

Partition magic gave me a message than mor than 4 logical partition cannot be made so it will distribute the remaining space between the two drives D: and E: respectively.

When I finished the command the Prtition magic showed some error messages and then suddenly a fatal exception error on a blue screen popped up and then I had to reboot the machine and the computer refused to start.

So I inserted th WinXP cd and restarted the installation but surprisingly I saw on 125 GB of Hard disk with only C: Partition. I continued with the installation thinking that it may become visible after I start windows. But now I am seeing only 125 GB in every software and in the disk manager.

My rescue disk were not properly made as my floppy drive failed.

Please help me. How can I regain my half hard disk.
Hey Dude

This is a windows problem.reinstall ur windows again or install service pack 2.i also face this problem but i solve this by reinstalling windows.
ravi851981 said:
I had recently purchased a new Western Digital 250GB SATA Hard disk and loaded Windows XP on it..........

Have you tried the Disk Management utilities in Windows Xp Admin tools. I'm assuming you are with Win Xp Pro.


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Itried using disk management also in winxp Pro but all in vain.

If Partition magic cannot handle sata or more than 120 gb data then how can I regain what is lost.

Plssssssssssss helpppppppppppp.........


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To ravi851981:

Hey try this:
Create a Windows98 DOS boot diskette from somewhere.Boot with this and run FDISK.From there you will get all the info about your current disk status.There you delete all your logical partitions and then the primary DOS partition.It takes a lot of time,but hey its worth it!

Then you can use the WINDOWS XP BOOT CD to format and partition the disk as per your needs.This time be carefull and partition properly.Its better to use any Seagate partition utility.

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Try any latest Linux distribution and at the time of creating partition, select delete all partitions (or create manually if u r familiar with it!).

I'm sure, linux will detect the whole size of ur HDD...
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